All Your Clients. All Their Land.





Managing multiple landscapes, expectations and organisations can be so much easier. The Land App allows for effective communication between Land Agents, their clients and any interested parties and organisations involved in projects, surveys and management. By providing a centralised resource of information and digital data, The Land App allows Land Managers to communicate with clarity and ease, creating increased efficiency, clearer communications and less headaches.


Your Assets in One Place.



Really Know Your Land.


Have you ever pinned a paper map to a fence on a grey, blustery day as you scribble barely readable survey notes in pencil wondering “surely there’s a better way?”.

There is.

The Land App is designed with farmers in mind and lets you take control of your land. The Land App creates a digital mapping experience that brings together all the available information about your land into one place. Easy to use and share, The Land App allows you to understand the value of your land assets, collaborate within farming communities and maximise land use for generations to come.


Your Land Information Service.


The environment is shared by all of us, the benefits of effective and efficient land management extend well beyond the rural countryside.

There is an image of farming presented by the media and marketing across society that leads us to believe it is as efficient and healthy as it can be. It’s not. The Land App envisions a future where information about your local environment is easily available for you to understand and invest in. We see a future where food traceability is the norm, allowing you to see and understand the journey of the food on your plate and empowering you to make the choices that support the local economy and the UK market as a whole.


The Land App works with Estate Managers to capture all information about land, consolidate data in a single reference resource, provide the tools to plan and complete jobs and make delivering information with all parties in various formats quickly and easily. It is the sole tool land managers need for all their intelligence and information on land assets.

By bringing together existing data and pairing it with planning tools, The Land App envisions a single point of reference for all Estate Managers and open communication in land management projects.

The Land App