How The Land App helps

Estate Managers

The Land App allows estate managers to focus on enhancing and realising the value of land and assets, whilst improving efficiency in day-to-day operational management and maintaining compliance. 

The Land App Helps Estate Managers With:

  • Strategic planning

  • Property tenancy

  • Farm tenancy

  • Compliance

  • Estate owner and trustee reporting

  • Planning applications

  • Condition reports

  • Land Registry ownership

  • Diversification projects

  • Contract management

  • Team management

  • Forestry and woodland management

  • Sporting pursuits

Key Features For Estate Managers

1.OSMM Interactive

OS base map

  • Includes interactive MasterMap data.
  • Authoritative data for an interactive and digital map of the estate.
  • Saves time (all land, assets and features are interactive by default).
  • Improves accuracy (creates tenancy boundaries).

Land Registry data

  • Official, up-to-date and interactive land ownership data.
  • Improves efficiency (easily create and store a digital copy of estate boundaries).
  • Realises value (identify unregistered land and boundary discrepancies).
2.Land Registry data


  • Manage all estate maps and team members, including contractors, in one place.
  • Improves efficiency (no need to share paper maps).
  • Realises value (easy and cost-effective to engage advisors/consultants for support on projects that generate new sources of income).

Photo uploads

  • Upload geo-referenced photos against each map and project to record change on the ground.
  • Reduces risk (monitor compliance and identify early interventions).
  • Realises value (easily assess land use and asset condition to make a baseline assessment that informs future plans).
8.Photo Upload
11.Project Templates

Project templates

  • Pre-populated templates for rural subsidies, FR1 forms, diversification projects, tenancy boundaries and sporting pursuits.
  • Lowers cost (more accessible for estate teams to design applications themselves).
  • Realises value (cost-effective to plan scenarios that use land and assets to diversify income).