How The Land App helps

Farm Business Consultants

The Land App helps you grow client revenue and plan for the future whilst delivering a better client service, with faster solutions at a lower cost.  Its innovative mapping tools help to reassure clients by significantly reducing compliance risks and offering multiple opportunities to upsell other services.

The Land App Helps Farm Business Consultants With:

  • Basic Payment Scheme

  • Countryside Stewardship

  • Farm tenancy agreements

  • Cropping plans

  • Health & Safety maps/reports

  • Rights of way and infrastructure mapping

  • FR1 applications for unregistered land

  • Assessing alternative land use options

  • Diversification projects

  • Environmental planning

  • Farm assurance and risk maps

  • Financial and business planning

  • Performance monitoring

Key Features For Farm Business Consultants

3.Chrome Extension

RPA data with chrome extension

  • Instant access to essential data for BPS, Countryside Stewardship, RLE1 applications, cropping plans.
  • Saves time (download and import to Land App in 10 seconds).
  • Improves accuracy (identify and correct data errors to minimise risk of fines).

Environmental data layers

  • Visual understanding of constraints, risk and opportunities.
  • Saves time (turn data on/off rather than check multiple websites).
  • Reduces risk (know exactly where you can/cannot spray or plough).
4.Environmental layers
11.Project Templates

BPS, RLE1 and CS templates

  • Pre-populated templates to reduce administrative burden.
  • Saves time (download BPS projects as CSV file in same table format as RPA form).
  • Upsell services (quick and low-cost tool to persuade clients to apply for new sources of income).


  • Manage all maps and team, including contractors, from a single place.
  • Reduces risk (share Health & Safety maps with contractors with precise feature locations).
  • Upsell services (easily invite surveyors, planners, architects etc to contribute ideas to designs).


  • Gather and manage all existing data in one place.
  • Lowers cost (you only need one software tool).
  • Better plans for the future (with full context and a baseline assessment).