Key Features


All your data in one place

  • Ordnance Survey base maps by default, including interactive MasterMap data

  • Official Land Registry data for all properties in England and Wales

  • Import your land parcel, land cover and hedge data from the Rural Payments Agency in three clicks with our chrome extension

  • Environmental and administrative data layers including Flood Zones, AONBs, SSSIs, Greenbelt and local authority boundaries

  • Aerial imagery and Lidar base maps

  • Import your GeoGSON and KML files with a simple drag-and-drop

  • Export your data at the click of a button for use in other software

  • Upload geo-referenced photos and drone imagery

  • Instant reports with a summary of key land characteristics

All your projects in one place

  • Digital drawing tools and measurements, including snap-to-line function for quick and accurate designs

  • Project templates for rural subsidy schemes, including Basic Payment Scheme and Countryside Stewardship, with built-in scheme options and links to guidance notes

  • Download BPS projects as CSV files in the table format required by the Rural Payments Agency

  • Dynamic valuations for Countryside Stewardship projects to quickly assess estimated scheme value and feasibility

  • Aerial imagery and Lidar base maps

  • Project templates for RLE1 and FR1 applications, as well as soil risk maps for far assurance and diversification projects for rural planning and development

  • Easily create a copy of a project and edit it for scenario planning

  • Visibility toggle to turn on and off individual projects and features, as well as other feature attributes


All your team in one place

  • Innovative collaboration feature to share your maps with your team and advisors at the click of a button

  • Choose between owner, editor and view-only permissions for your collaborators. Simply remove access at any time if you are the map owner

  • Affordable printing for maps up to A0 in size. Annotate your prints with an automatically generated legend, logo, compass and scale bar for official Land Registry compliant maps. Record print costs for each map, client or location

  • Annotation tools such as text boxes and arrows to add context to your maps

  • Unique location link for every feature to direct collaborators to a precise location such as a tree, hedge, borehole or building

  • Maps dashboard that helps you organise work for each client, site or location