We have worked closely with data providers, land owners and professionals to create a purpose built tool with a refined set of features, the result is a product that enables you to create a more profitable and sustainable future for your land.

Data insights

All relevant information on a single digital map of the land.
Establish ownership boundaries using Land Registry and RPA data.
Change between Ordnance Survey MasterMap, Aerial Imagery and LIDAR basemaps.
Overlay environmental, geological, topographic and administrative data.

Project Design

Intuitive and accurate drawing tools to design project.
Interact with data to begin your scheme or project design.
Use intuitive drawing tools with accurate measurements to add features.
Store designs in a project library with templates for rural subsidy payments.

Data insights

Reports and valuation

Instant land reports and project valuations
Snapshot of key land characteristics.
Dynamic project and scheme valuations to assess commercial viability.
Enhanced reports identifying funding opportunities, environmental constraints and local services.


Invite others to view your maps.
Share maps with your team, agent, client or other stakeholders.
Choose which projects, schemes or information you share.*
Manage the level of access collaborators have.*

Data insights


Manage multiple maps in one place.
Create a map for each client, team member, customer or site of interest.
See all of your clients, team, customers or sites on a single “Map of Maps”.*
Analyse land characteristics across multiple maps for greater insights.

External Data

Upload your data to your account.
Store photos and videos with accurate location details inside your maps.
Add more data to your accounts such as paper map scans and shapefiles.*
Control which data you share with your collaborators.*

Data insights

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