Our mission

We’re on a mission to help people make the right land use decisions through technology

Land is a finite resource that is fundamental to sustaining all life on Earth. However, siloed data, limited knowledge-sharing, and a lack of incentives have made it difficult – if not impossible – to appraise competing land uses and make informed decisions about which land use is best. The impact of this problem has resulted in an existential crisis that will define our generation. If we hope to have a sustainable future, it is vital – now more than ever – that collectively we make the right land use decisions.

The good news is that technology allows us to simplify much of the complexity that currently dominates the decision-making process. Technology can help us to visualise information for greater context; connect to people for the right advice; and analyse data for essential insight.

Our mission is to help people make the right land use decisions through technology. We believe that by bringing together data, people and incentives in a modern and accessible online platform, underpinned by geospatial technology, then collectively we can start to move towards smarter land use and address the major issues of our time.

We started life in 2015 after our founder, Tim Hopkin, experienced first-hand how difficult it was to appraise alternative land uses and plan for the future on his family’s farm in Surrey. With initial support from Ordnance Survey, the UK’s national mapping agency, we built a prototype product that we subsequently developed in collaboration with our customers and with continuous user feedback. Today, our software is trusted by thousands of estate managers, farm business consultants, environmental consultants and land agents throughout the UK to manage all their spatial data in one place and make more informed land use decisions.

The Land App, as a user-friendly online mapping tool, is just the beginning. Our vision is to harness geospatial technology to create a future that empowers resilient businesses, fosters a thriving natural environment, and delivers meaningful collective action on everything from climate change to sustainable food production.

Join us on this exciting journey. We are excited about what we can achieve together.