The story behind

The Land App

Our Story

The Land App was founded in 2015 by Tim Hopkin in response to frustrations with inaccessible data and paper maps on his family’s farm in Surrey. Reliance on paper maps made it difficult and time-consuming to manage day-to-day activities, share information, submit applications and plan future projects, while the mapping software that did exist was either expensive or complicated to use, with the necessary data scattered across multiple different websites.   


After working in the rural industry for several years, Tim realised that the financial toll of these problems went beyond local operational costs; not only did the lack of effective digital mapping tools put the financial health of many UK farms and estates at risk, but the general prosperity of the environment was also jeopardised. 


With support from Ordnance Survey, Tim decided to build The Land App - a user-friendly digital mapping platform. The Land App brings together the necessary data and information in one place to allow farms, estates and rural professionals to quickly create digital maps of their land. It also helps people easily share maps with other stakeholders - from advisers to government - via the product’s collaboration tool.


Using The Land App helps to save time, reduce costs, improve accuracy and make more informed decisions about how land should be used and managed. Only with informed decision-making can we achieve better outcomes for rural businesses, the environment and wider society.   


The Land App is fast becoming the essential mapping software for rural teams and professionals, with over 700 users from across the land management industry.  What's more, our official partnerships with Ordnance Survey, the Land Registry and the South Downs National Park give The Land App a credibility that is unmatched.

Our Mission

To build tools that empower rural teams and professionals to save time, reduce risk, improve accuracy and deliver better outcomes 

The better outcomes we want to promote include:

- Economic:  we want to facilitate more resilient rural businesses, with diversified income and long-term business plans

- Environmental:  we want to enable enhanced natural environment and sustainability principles embedded in land use decision-making

- Social:  we want to enable greater transparency over how land is used and managed, how food is produced, and how environmental outcomes are delivered

We believe people make change happen, and technology is the infrastructure that makes that change possible in an efficient and scalable way

We won’t stop building useful tools until all rivers are clean, the air is clear, green space is accessible, and food is produced sustainably

We will continue to work with our customers, and develop partnerships with businesses and government, to ensure smarter land use

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