Who is it for?

In short, The Land App is for anyone who manages land. Our customers range from farmers and surveyors to government departments.

Land Managers

Manage your land to protect your rural business and enhance the environment

Easily design revenue-generating schemes and projects with digital drawing tools
Instantly assess the viability of schemes and projects with automatic valuations
Reduce the risk of fines with accurate measurement tools and official data
Engage your team, agent and consultants for advice with collaboration feature

Professional Services

Effectively support your clients with their land-based projects

Manage all your clients and maps from a single dashboard
Accurately design schemes and projects with digital drawing tools and official data
Improve the chances of successful applications with templates for rural subsidy schemes
Save time and money by sharing your maps in digital, rather than paper, format

Business and Government

A digital connection between you and your customers

Understand more about where your customers and their land-based projects are
Reduce administration costs by receiving higher quality applications in digital format
Improve communication and efficiently resolve issues by using a shared digital map of the land
See change on-the-ground and evaluate progress as customers share photo uploads

Start a 30 day free trial

We offer a free 30 day trial on all of our plans, allowing you to get mapping straight away and see the benefits for yourself.

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